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 Dear Lisa, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my wife and I for changing the quality of our lives. I am eternally grateful to you for healing my wife's uveitis that has plagued her for years. She's so happy about losing weight, and learning why she wasn't able to, and for all that, we are learning about being healthy overall.

Our spirits have been renewed and overall our relationship has been enriched since coming to Healing Alternatives and learning how to really live. It is so refreshing, satisfying, gratifying and unbelievably liberating to be under the care of someone who is honest down to earth genuinely caring, and not under the influence of insurance or pharmaceutical industry and that we fully trust, that is a blessing in itself. You have been blessed with the gift of healing and we are happy to be the recipients.  – S.H. – June 2016


I have been going to Healing Alternatives since I was a child and they are simply the best at helping the body heal naturally without any prescriptions, negative side effects, etc. Their "muscle testing" methodology allows them to listen to your body and find out exactly what you need to heal. Healing Alternatives focuses on their patients overall wellness, not just making the symptoms disappear. If you've been to doctors over the years for any one of various issues (chronic pain, indigestion, etc) I would highly recommend you try Healing Alternatives. If your generally a healthy person I would still recommend them for the occasional check-up so you can stay in tune with what your body needs. – MM

Around Thanksgiving 2010 I went to see Dr. Johnston at Healing Alternatives. Fatigue was a severe symptom for me, but there were other things, as well. If I managed to stay up for 2 hours a day, it was a good day. She listened to me describe my symptoms and how long things had been bad. She asked intelligent, compassionate questions. Diagnostics revealed that I had some problems with a variety of things and she began to address that even before the bloodwork results were in. I began to feel better. She told me it would take time. She is very honest about that. I feel so good now. I owe this turn around to Dr. Johnston and her assistant, Lisa Beaury. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Oh yes, I switched caregivers to go to Dr. Johnston. Just walking into her office was the beginning of my healing process. I was greeted with smiles and hugs, welcomed with optimism. I knew I was at the right place. It is such a healing environment -- not distant and clinical like so many places. VB - Longwood, FL

If you are looking for a Dr. to actually help you with healing versus write you another prescription, I highly recommend Healing Alternatives. I've been going to Dr. Johnston for many years. I consider her my primary caregiver Dr. as she has helped me with more things than any other Dr. has been able to help. I've had digestive issues for years and never got any help until I saw Dr. Johnston. She is a Dr. to the whole person and the diagnosis of the root of each of my problems has been so specific. I'm 41 now and have never felt so good. Thank you Dr. Donna and Lisa for the help you've given me over the years. – TD

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnston for about 5 years. When I first went to see her I was miserable due to digestive problems. I had been to one physician specialist after another, "the best," and had had every test in the book done. Not one helped me. I "skeptically" went to Dr. Johnston upon the recommendation of a friend. I GOT MY LIFE BACK. This is not an exaggeration. She is extremely professional, caring, thorough, and more, and gets to the root of health problems and finds resolutions. Her staff is equally wonderful. - SPK

I have been coming to Healing Alternatives for approximately 14 years. There are so many wonderful experiences during that time. But, most importantly, whatever the problem, there is always a solution if you follow what they recommend. The staff is all so very personable and you always feel as if you are their only concern. It’s a great place to maintain good health.  – Anonymous from Survey Box (April 2012)

My number one complaint when I came in was insomnia. It really affected every area of my life and I was miserable. I had so many different things contributing to it; I do not think a regular doctor would have been able to treat me. Donna found parasites, low hormones, blood sugar issues and digestion problems. My regular doctor put me on ambient and it did not work at all. Getting my real issues treated worked. I have more energy and most of the time I sleep great. In addition to sleeping better, Donna was also able to help me figure out things I could and could not eat to get my energy up and not feel fatigued during the day.  – B.K.

I love the accurate diagnosis and the individual treatment plan that always provides an improvement to my daily life, without the guess work at what my symptoms resemble to other textbook diagnosis. I also love the way Healing Alternatives works to modify a treatment plan to work with my daily life.  – C.F.

"I came to Donna on a high recommendation from one of her long time clients. I do not regret making my first appointment, to say the least; I always look forward to seeing her each time. 

Donna has helped me shift my energy and find long-lost parts of myself. I am a new person, having been reunited with these pieces of me and integrating them into my life. Whether it is for nutritional guidance or energy work, Donna is a skilled practitioner and you are sure to find your way home."
C.M. Orlando, FL

"Dr. Johnston has helped me tremendously in managing IBS and hormone imbalance. I had been to many physicians with lots of prescriptions and lots of adverse side effects. Working with Dr. Johnston, DOM has been a blessing in my life. She takes time with me and listens. Through her extensive knowledge, patience and care, I am now doing great! There aren’t enough words to express how wonderful I think she is and how much I feel she can help others."
K.S. Orlando, FL

"Back and Neck Pain - The healthy approach that both Donna and Tami used to resolve my pain issues have been very successful. I have always known the answers to feeling good were a healthy lifestyle. Healing Alternatives is especially helpful in getting you back on track for the long term. The natural approach is the right choice for future benefits, without worrying about side effects of most prescription medications. I have been pleasantly pleased about the results of my acupuncture treatments with Tami. My back and neck pain have virtually disappeared and my energy levels have noticeably improved."
M.D Maitland, Florida

"Shoulder Pain -I am a 30 year old very athletic male. That has had shoulder therapy and surgery several times, and nothing they could do would make me feel better or even 50% of what I used to be. Now that I have met Dr. Johnston and Dr. Jones, after less than 6 visits my arm and shoulder feel 90% as strong as it did before my injury."
J.M Apopka, Florida

"Allergies & Arthritis - It is with great appreciation that I write this letter. I have been suffering with allergies for several years trying several medications, finding that nothing helped. My allergist suggested moving to Arizona. Not only has your treatment alleviated my allergies, my arthritic pain has also gone away. I will recommend your treatment to any and all who are in need."
W.H Altamonte Springs, FL

"I first went to see Dr. Donna Johnston a few years ago because of health problems due to hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, edema, a vein occlusion in my eye, a heart blockage and fatigue that my previous medical doctors could not seem to adequately resolve. 

Dr. Johnston dramatically improved my health.  She is very comfortable to relate to.  Her distinctive listening skills and great attention to detail coupled with her extensive knowledge and exceptional skills enabled her to correctly diagnose my problems and prescribe an individual treatment plan.

I used to be out of breath after just walking a short distance.  Now I enjoy a vigorous exercise program on a regular basis and feel better than ever.  My cardiologist sees no blockages.  My eye doctor noticed a vast improvement in my eye pressure.  Another doctor said that I "am the picture of health" and that I "am growing younger not growing older."  I feel that all this is due to the conscientious care and effective methods provided by Dr. Johnston.  She has also greatly improved the health of my husband and several other members of my family.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone." Gail Thomas, Orlando, FL 

"I had been suffering from ulcerative colitis for thirty years. Donna determined through applied kinesiology (muscle response testing), that my system was being poisoned by mercury toxins, so upon her suggestion, I had my amalgams removed. Through her recommended herbal support and homeopathic detoxification, the colitis has cleared up and I’ve been symptom free for the last two years! 

I also occasionally have had hip pain. Donna’s acupuncture treatments and her recommendations to stretch those areas keep me pain free. Thank you so much, Donna!" Teri Shilling, Apopka, FL

"When I came to Dr. Johnston almost 2 years ago I was on multiple prescription medications, had no energy, had been told I needed to adjust RX hormones due to breast cysts, was told I had asthma, allergy season was unbearable, had a yearly bout of pneumonia, had adult acne, and had a 30 year chronic cough…..the irony was I thought I was healthy and so did others. Within in a month I was off all prescription medication, my cough was gone, my diet had changed, at my last mammogram I was told the expensive diagnostic mammogram was no longer needed and allergy season went unnoticed. 

The healing has been emotional, obviously physical and spiritual. I have been astounded at the body’s ability to heal itself, if given a chance. I’m grateful for Dr. Johnston’s ability and expertise to chart the course of healing, especially when medical science says there is no cure. Her years of experience, her professionalism, accessibility, wisdom, and even love, which I believe is at the root of medicine, are a delight to receive." Rev. Jeanne Miller-Clark, Chaplain and Hospital Administrator.U

"I wanted to thank you for all the services you provide at Healing Alternatives. When I came to you 2 years ago, I had just moved to Orlando, and had made many changes in my life. I was having a difficult time, and knew I needed help. I realize now the effects that emotions have on your body. I need support to be productive, and adapt to change. You have been one of the most supportive people that I have known, and what you’ve done for me has been invaluable. 

Your support was not only through vitamins and herbs, but also through the kind, caring person that you are. I just want you to know what an amazing, intuitive, skilled person you are.

I have and continue to refer all my friends to you. There isn’t anyone that I know of that can provide such a holistic approach to wellness. Thanks again for being YOU!!" Paul Korchmar, Heathrow, FL 

"For the last 10 years Dr. Johnston has been my primary health care provider. I can honestly say that I have not been physically ill since I have been under her care. Even with such minor symptoms of a cold or flu, which I have experienced very rarely, I may experience such symptoms for less than 48 hours. Dr. Johnston is the most knowledgeable, helpful, caring health care professional I have ever experienced, bar none.” Robert A. Evans, Ph.D.

"Dr. Donna Johnston has been a professional and personal friend and health care practioner for over 14 years.  She has an amazing wealth of knowledge of how the body functions and is gifted in her ability  to synthesize this information systematically to pinpoint the root of health problems. With her intuition and her kind and compassionate personality she has helped my family, friends, clients and myself to overcome chronic and more serious health issues.  I highly recommend Dr. Donna Johnston if you are truly interested in healing your body and being proactive in your own health and well-being." Bonnie Snyder, CPC  Personal and Professional Life Balance Coach, Master Herbalist